Doctor Nastidous' base is a location that appears in most of Test Subject Green and Test Subject Complete.


Test Subject Green

The only part of the base seen is seen from the window in the test chamber. Outside is seen as a solid shade of green. This colour changes from level to level, but always remains a shade of green.

Test Subject Complete


Dr. Nastidious's base is set on a rock, this rock placed in a sea. From outside, the base appears as a giant rock with rectangles on it, these rectangles having windows on them. Some of these rectangles have cylindrical structures that lead into the water.

Also, some rectangular structures have large cylinders that have satellite dishes placed on them, two of these structures present - one on the left, and one on the right. On the right side of the base is a giant sphere. There seems to some metal supports placed on the rock. The rock appears similar to an isosceles triangle.

As Blue in Rex209

This laboratory is the one Blue and Rex209 are constantly traversing across those twenty-five levels. Apparently, each level is a lab, despite each level having the same background.

Most of what is seen of the base is the background. This background shows the back walls, and the various mechanical structures and openings placed on the wall. Visible on the left side of the wall is an opening in the wall, this opening having several metal plates around it and a computer monitor (screen) at the bottom of the wall, with papers on the wall, one that reads "LOX BLUE" (LOX probably meaning Liquid Oxygen). At the top of this opening is lights.


The laboratory without The Machine.

To the left of this opening are several metal plates, and a metal wire that goes up the side of this light blue coloured wall, turning to the left at the top of the wall, moving to this side before moving downwards into an opening right above an elevator door, this opening having several similarly sized cables coming out of it and going upwards.

This light blue wall, on the right side, has two shelves - a long one that starts at the top of the wall and extends mostly down the wall, and a smaller shelf under this that has a few rectangular objects placed in it. To the right of these shelves is a large door, that has a small oval to the left of the door, this oval having a ∆ above it and a ∇ below it, this oval having three lights on it - a small orange light and a two green two pixel high green lights.

The door that this is next to, the door is large and has the word "Lab -" above it. To the right of this door, and this light blue wall, is a dark blue wall that has an opening in it, this opening having six screens - two large screen with four smaller screens below, two smaller screens under each bigger screen. Although the smaller screens do not display anything, the two bigger screens display content, the screens displaying recordings of something panning either across a mercenary's face or Dr. Nastidious's face.

Below the small screens is a table with three large metal cylinders on it and two small cylinders behind the middle big metal cylinder; three rectangular objects on top of each other are placed on the tablet moderately far away from these cylinders. The table has three small shelves, placed vertically above each other, to the right of these being a metal plate with small lit up bars on it.

The floor of the laboratory is very shiny, lacking no blemish and reflecting the walls. All levels that take place outside the test chamber have either The Machine unactivated at the top of the laboratory, or activated. There are lots of metal wires on the ceiling.

Penguin 1

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As the Professor

Due to the perspective of this part of the game, objects are not given as much detail. Despite still being in the laboratory, the only things that are retained from the viewpoint of Blue and Rex209 is some of the coloured walls, some of the lights (particularly the orange ones), the appearance of doors, windows, some metal plates, and guards.

From the viewpoint the player has, much of the walls are coloured almost a light grey colour, with some lighter light-blue grey walls, and rarely a dark black wall. Seen on the walls are metal plates, most appearing square and having three small rectangles on them. Platforms are coloured white at the top, and a very light purple colour below, this colour appearing everywhere where there is not any white. Light purple metal plates are placed in areas where there is a lot of light purple platform present.


An example of a room (Level 26) from the Professor's viewpoint.

Some platforms have lights on them that will stay on, then flicker a bit and turn off. Some parts of walls that are very dark generally have a window(s) on them, and a table below that has some objects on it. The tablet usually has two objects, these possible object being three rectangles stacked on top of each other, a small cup, a cup held up on a stand, and beakers either on their own or held in an object that holds beakers. Two types of beakers are seen - a cone shaped beaker and a completely cylindrical shaped beaker.

Some white blocks are also seen, along with large cylinders that are striped yellow and white. Wires may be seen on the wall, these wires being attached to a door and an object that regulates the opening of the door. Oddly, there are fire extinguishers placed around the laboratory, this object being the only object seen on walls, and is rather detailed.

Dr. Nastidious's room
Test Subject Complete - Level 30

The room.

This room appears on level 30, and has the general setup of a laboratory room from the viewpoint of the Professor. It is notable for having objects not seen anywhere else in the game, likely because this room is Nastidious's private working room. From one side of the room, going to the other side, is a cable, this cable going straightforward to the left, vertically down, going horizontally to the left, vertically up, then straight to the right. This shape the cords are in is symmetrical.

In the rectangle portion of this shape are two red banners that have a skull on them (a skull similar to the ones the Mercenaries have on them), and a picture of Dr. Nastidious without his hat, this picture having small unreadable text below it. The wall on the below floor is black, has two doors on either end (right-hand door is locked), and in the middle of this is a partial map of Europe, Asia, and Africa. Placed on the map are five red circles, a circle placed on Algeria, Italy, Greece, Turkey, and the Czech Republic.

Game information

Test Subject Green

When Dr. Nastidious steals Blue from Xeno Industries, it is assumed that Blue is taken to Dr. Nastidous' base. The only thing seen of the base is from the test chamber, what is seen being a soldiers in the background, and occasionally Dr. Nastidious passing the test chamber.

Test Subject Complete


The entire story of Test Subject Complete takes place in Doctor Nastidious' base. Blue in the Rex209 are tested in a test chamber, but eventually escape and begin to search the base for the Professor.

After finding he is dead, they traverse the base trying to avoid being killed by The Machine. They eventually (Blue and Rex209) decide to return to the Professor's body, after discovering Blue's ability to give life.

Getting there, they resurrect the Professor. The Professor stealthily sneaks through the base and steals a Proto mech suit. Apparently, Dr. Nastidious becomes aware of the Professor being alive again, and stations Mercenaries in certain parts of his base to constantly wait for him. The Professor eventually gets to a workroom that Dr. Nastidious retreats into.

After battling and defeating Dr. Nastidious in The Machine, Dr. Nastidious causes his base to self destruct. The Professor navigates through the crumbling base, but upon trying to exit, is stopped by a Mercenary. The blast from the self destruction of the base blows the Professor far out out of the base. As several explosions happen across the base, the base falls into the sea.

In game

As Blue and Rex209

In level 1-8, the player stays in a test chamber which is situated in the base. Upon escaping it, level 9-25 require that the player reach a designated container, upon going into a container a mercenary's hand picking up the container and moving it away from the level. The next level will have the mercenary placing the container down, and Blue coming out of that and trying to get on to another container.


The laboratory without that table Blue and Rex209 are on, and active screens.

All levels in Doctor Nastidious' base as Blue and Rex209 take place on a table which is strangely set up with enemies, hazards, and a real puzzle. Level 18 places the player is a glass cylinder, with a mercenary constantly passing by the table looking to see if the player is moving. The player has to get to the container as usual.

Levels 9-25 have two mercenaries patrolling the laboratory - one that walks far away near the wall, holds a gun, and enters and exits via the door, and one that has no gun and walks very close to the table (this one appearing very large, from the viewpoint of the player). Both apparently do not notice the player, except for the one closest to the table on level 18.

Levels 9-18 have The Machine not trying to kill the player, this changed for levels 19-25, where it is active and tries to kill the player. Level 19 has The Machine partially destroy the container the player arrives in the level in. Starting with level 18, metal plates are placed around the level, the player able to walk in front of these and not be seen by a nearby guard (level 18 only) and unable to be harmed by The Machine (level 19-25).

Blue can die in these levels by impacting hazards and enemies, and also by falling into gaps in the floor. Due to being captured by mercenaries on level 18, on level 19 Blue is placed inside a glass cylinder which can move left or right, along with a mercenary constantly looking to make sure he has not moved. Blue has to simply move the container over an opening that leads to a green teleporter to exit the container and leave the level; moving while been seen will cause the player to be forcefully taken back to the start of the level (but not killed).

Penguin 1

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As the Professor

The laboratory seen by the Professor appears quite different than what Blue has seen. Not only are the floors differently coloured, but the walls seem to lack the amount of detail they had when seen by Blue. It seems as though this laboratory is the same as the one seen by Blue, as it features the same windows, similar tables, and lights.


A picture of level 26, a level traversed by the Professor that uses this type of laboratory look

However, along with different coloured platforms, this place seems to be important as the guards here do not enter doors (prior to the Proto mech suit levels), and there are locked doors and buttons to deactivate locked doors.

Level 28 and 29 are different in that there are considerably more guards, and many are waiting for the Professor. The end of level 27 contains a small area that has two Proto mech suits, one which is connected to a mechanical object of some kind.

Dr. Nastidious's room (level 30)
Test Subject Complete - Level 30

Dr. Nastidious's room. Notice the exclusive art.

Encountered on level 30, this room is the size of a regular test chamber (irregular for levels that have the Professor). This room features exclusive art, containing skull banners, an image of Doctor Nastidious without his hat, and a map of part of Europe, Asia, and Africa, with red targets over Algeria, Italy, Greece, Turkey, and the Czech Republic.
Escape room
Accessed after defeating Nastidious, this room is filled with many hallways that have green teleporter parallel to each other. This room does not have any art on the wall, besides a few occurrences of a fire extinguisher.

This room may have served some other purpose other than a testing room, due to the presence of many green teleporters (many which are not helpful) and the absence of laboratory equipment. Due to the self destruct sequence being turned on by Nastidious, the screen shakes, a red light flashes, a sired sounds, and chips of the platforms constantly fall through the teleporters. The player has to deactivate the lock on the door and approach it to complete the level.

Although a mercenary walks out (the only occurrence of a mini-sprite mercenary walking out of a door) of the door and aims at the Professor, the explosion flings the Professor out of the base, safely on to dry land.