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Navigate your way through this atmospheric puzzle platformer.
Released Flash/Nitrome Touchy: March 26th, 2014
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Levels 40
Genre Puzzle, platform

See #Controls

Credits Art
Markus Heinel
Additional art
Giuseppe Longo & Helm
John Kennedy
Dave Cowen
Sound design
John Kennedy
Level design
Jon Annal & John Kennedy
Ditto Menu
Special First game to only save up to current progress
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Ditto is a puzzle platforming game that was released on March 26th, 2014, being made Nitrome Touchy compatible on the same day. The player controls a female protagonist who traverses levels by solving mirror based puzzles. This is Nitrome's first game to deliberately not include a level select screen. Consequently, players can only return to previous levels by starting again from the beginning after selecting "Reset Saved Data" on the options menu.

This game was made a distributable game between December 17th, 2014 and January 4th, 2015[citation needed].



  • LeftRight Left and right arrows - Move
  • Up Up arrow key - Jump (press and hold a second time to glide)

Nitrome Touchy

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The player simultaneously controls the protagonist and her reflection, which performs the mirror image of her actions. The player must control the character in such a way that neither she nor the reflection is killed. The character is also capable of gliding, which slows down her downward motion without affecting her horizontal movement.

The reflection will only appear when the girl is both in sight of and in line with a mirror. Rather than just mimicking the actions of the player, the reflection will copy the player's relative position in relation to the mirror (i.e. the girl can stand on a block that exists only on her side of the mirror and thereby cause the reflection to stand midair). Interestingly, vice versa works as well, as obstacles in the reflections world will prevent the girl from moving as well. In essence, the girl and her reflection must always be in the exact same relative position, and, as both can interact with objects specific to their own dimensions, movement that would otherwise be physically impossible often occurs. When the girl is in line with more than one mirror at the same time, multiple reflections will appear.


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The letters and buttons on the title screen fade away, leaving the main character and her silhouette lying underneath a pillar of white gradient light. The girl wakes, shaking several water droplets off of her body. The player is then given control. Using the arrow keys, the protagonist can move around the area, and must be moved to the door on the player's right in order to proceed.

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Ditto - Menu level00:27

Ditto - Menu level

Level 1

As the protagonist enters the next room, vertical bars block off the previous room behind her, and the player can hear her gasp for the first time. When she starts walking to the player's right, her shadow will enter from the left, but disappear as she jumps over the thin orange column. After jumping, the main character can continue walking in the same direction until she reaches the door.

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Ditto - level 100:07

Ditto - level 1

Level 2

Water is present in this level, and causes the player to restart if the girl touches it. Her silhouette is a reflection on the horizontal axis, and no obstacles appear to be in its way upon starting.

After crossing three individual platforms above water, the view of the platforms switches over to the shadow, where a platform is visible from its perspective. Both characters need to jump over a higher platform in the silhouette's view, then land on a lower platform in the girl's view. The next two platforms alternate between the girl and her shadow's perspective until the door is reached.

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Ditto - level 2 (all gems)00:20

Ditto - level 2 (all gems)

Level 3

A staircase is within the player's view, with a couple of spikes on the third step. A gem can be seen floating next to the staircase, and the player can have the girl jump from any step beyond the spikes to pick it up. A long orange platform is seen, and an upside down staircase with the same number of steps and spike placement are seen within the shadow's perspective. The second encountered gem is found above the staircase in a similar fashion to that of the first gem, except it remains stationary and can only be collected by the shadow. After climbing the second staircase, the girl can now enter through the door.

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Ditto - level 3 (all gems)00:15

Ditto - level 3 (all gems)

Level 4

This level introduces the floating jump, which is necessary to make it across the gap filled with water. A gem can be seen moving in a rectangular clockwise motion. By pressing and holding the jump button while in midair, the player can slow the girl's falling motion to maximize their horizontal movement. If the girl falls into the water, a thought bubble appears over the girl upon her respawning, demonstrating the floating jump. She should be able to land on the next platform, which has the exit.

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Ditto - level 4 (all gems)00:06

Ditto - level 4 (all gems)

Level 5

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Ditto - level 5 (all gems)00:25

Ditto - level 5 (all gems)

Level 6

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Ditto - level 6 (all gems)00:11

Ditto - level 6 (all gems)

Level 7

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Ditto - level 7 (all gems)00:23

Ditto - level 7 (all gems)

Level 8

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Ditto - level 8 (all gems)00:15

Ditto - level 8 (all gems)

Level 9

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Ditto - level 9 (all gems)00:09

Ditto - level 9 (all gems)

Level 10

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Ditto - level 10 (all gems)00:21

Ditto - level 10 (all gems)

Level 11

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Ditto - level 11 (all gems)00:16

Ditto - level 11 (all gems)

Level 12

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Ditto - level 12 (all gems)00:12

Ditto - level 12 (all gems)

Level 13

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Ditto - level 13 (all gems)00:26

Ditto - level 13 (all gems)

Level 14

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Ditto - level 14 (all gems)00:23

Ditto - level 14 (all gems)

Level 15

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Ditto - level 15 (all gems)00:14

Ditto - level 15 (all gems)

Level 16

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Ditto - level 16 (all gems)00:15

Ditto - level 16 (all gems)

Level 17

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Ditto - level 17 (all gems)00:30

Ditto - level 17 (all gems)

Level 18

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Ditto - level 18 (all gems)00:11

Ditto - level 18 (all gems)

Level 19

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Ditto - level 19 (all gems)00:31

Ditto - level 19 (all gems)

Level 20

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Ditto - level 20 (all gems)01:00

Ditto - level 20 (all gems)

Level 21

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Ditto - level 21 (all gems)-000:28

Ditto - level 21 (all gems)-0

Level 22

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Ditto - level 22 (all gems)00:23

Ditto - level 22 (all gems)

Level 23

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Ditto - level 23 (all gems)00:46

Ditto - level 23 (all gems)

Level 24

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Ditto - level 24 (all gems)00:37

Ditto - level 24 (all gems)

Level 25

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Ditto - level 25 (all gems)00:29

Ditto - level 25 (all gems)

Level 26

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Ditto - level 26 (all gems)00:48

Ditto - level 26 (all gems)

Level 27

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Ditto - level 27 (all gems)00:23

Ditto - level 27 (all gems)

Level 28

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Ditto - level 28 (all gems)00:31

Ditto - level 28 (all gems)

Level 29

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Ditto - level 29 (all gems)-000:34

Ditto - level 29 (all gems)-0

Level 30

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Ditto - level 30 (all gems)00:29

Ditto - level 30 (all gems)

Level 31

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Ditto - level 31 (all gems)00:08

Ditto - level 31 (all gems)

Level 32

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Ditto - level 32 (all gems)00:29

Ditto - level 32 (all gems)

Level 33

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Ditto - level 33 (all gems)00:11

Ditto - level 33 (all gems)

Level 34

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Ditto - level 34 (all gems)00:28

Ditto - level 34 (all gems)

Level 35

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Ditto - level 35 (all gems)-000:00

Ditto - level 35 (all gems)-0

Level 36

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Ditto - level 36 (all gems)00:29

Ditto - level 36 (all gems)

Level 37

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Ditto - level 37 (all gems)00:19

Ditto - level 37 (all gems)

Level 38

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Ditto - level 38 (all gems)00:32

Ditto - level 38 (all gems)

Level 39

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Ditto - level 39 (all gems)00:29

Ditto - level 39 (all gems)

Level 40

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Ditto - level 40 (all gems) (last level)00:23

Ditto - level 40 (all gems) (last level)


Penguin 1

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The girl walks into a room that ends in steps leading up to the surface. Awed by the shaft of light coming down from the outside world, she stands transfixed looking up into it. While she is still looking upwards, her reflection in the mirror surreptitiously slinks forward a few steps. The girl notices in shock, and watches as her reflection jumps up through the mirror and stands face-to-face with her. The girl leans forward in disbelief to inspect her reflection, who copies this motion. The girl recoils with a gasp.

The reflection then begins to climb up towards the exit. After a brief moment of delay, the girl tries to pursue the reflection, but trips when approaching the first block. As she raises her head to get up, the light wavers and then vanishes with a heavy slamming sound as she shakes her head in horror.

Her head hanging low, the girl gets back up, sobbing. Suddenly, she becomes rigid as a strange series of sounds is heard. She screams a prolonged "No!" and shakes her head in terror as the color drains from her body, leaving only a white outline, which is transferred to the other side of the mirror in a vertical wipe from head to toe, leaving her cape behind. She reappears on the opposite side as an orange outline identical to her escaped reflection, and her scream is heard played backwards.

Now on the opposite side of the mirror, she glances around as if in confusion. She flinches as she hears a scream identical to that at the beginning of the game. She exits from the left side of the screen, following the sound.

She then ends up in the room she first landed in and sees a girl just like her old self, white with a red cape, lying on the ground unconscious the same way she was at the start of the game. The orange outline reflection of the girl goes up to where the body's reflection would be, looks around as if afraid that someone is watching and lies on the ground, trying to be a mirror image of the body. Having laid down little too far to the left, she scoots herself headfirst, then turns her head to glance at her opposite. Apparently satisfied, she slowly lays her head back and is still, seemingly no more than a reflection of the girl above her.

The word "Ditto", both regular and inverted, then appears, followed by the "credits", "play" and "High Scores" buttons, and the player is on the title screen once more, exactly as they started.


Ditto ending


Ditto - Ending01:13

Ditto - Ending


  • January 15, 2014 - Ditto is first hinted in a teaser image showing a silhouette of the protagonist alongside the silhouette of the main character from ChangeType(). [1]
  • January 30, 2014 - An image fully revealing the main character of Ditto is posted on the blog. The game's concept and protagonist's gender are publicized.
  • March 7, 2014 - A GIF showing Ditto's gameplay is posted.
  • March 14, 2014 - A GIF showing a level from Ditto is posted


Secret passage

Level 23 contains a hole in the wall near the exit that can be gone through, though it doesn't lead anywhere and instead off the game screen. Going down this hole causes the girl to move quickly.

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Ditto - Hidden passage?!?!01:47

Ditto - Hidden passage?!?!

Gem collecting glitch

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It is possible to extend the gem counter farther than the total amount of gems in the game.

Game menu deviations

Unlike the menus of most Nitrome browser games, Ditto's titlescreen only allowed the player to select from three options: Play, Scores and Credits. The Help section was absent, instead being replaced with a brief in-game tutorial that appears when the girl dies in earlier levels.

A level select screen is also not present in the game, purposely omitted to evoke the game's atmosphere[2]. After clicking "Play", the game loads the most current level the player has progressed to, or the last level if the player has beaten the game. An option selectable by clicking the cog icon lets players reset their save data to start from the first level again.

After completing Ditto, a screen does not pop up to allow the player to submit their score. Rather, the player has to select the submit score button from the menu to submit their score, at which the player is shown how many points they gained and given bonuses based on how much they died and whether they collected every gem.

Nitrome Touchy version

Ditto was made Nitrome Touchy compatible on the day the game was released.



  • Although the game's name "Ditto" was named after the use of mirrors, many Nitromians thought it was a reference to the Pokémon Ditto, although this was proven false by Nitrome on multiple occasions.[3]


  1. Game Developer's Blog - Nitrome: New Nitrome games, Wed, 15 Jan 2014, retrieved Thu, 30 Jan 2014.
  2. March 27th 2014 - Comment by Nitrome: We wanted to try something different. The game is about immersion and atmosphere. A level select would really destroy that.
  3. Nitrome's Facebook page - Comment by Nitrome

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