Disk yellow goo
Disk Goo
Attack Cutting the Swindler's cord
Abilities Spinning rapidly
Game(s) Swindler

Disk yellow goo are the last type of yellow goo introduced in Swindler. They make their first appearance on level twenty-two.


Disk yellow goo are disk shaped with a sphere in the middle, and float around while spinning, similar to inflatable yellow goo; they appear to look like flying saucers. When Swindler touches a disk yellow goo, it will take on an angry expression and turn orange.

Game information

If Swindler touches a disk yellow goo, it will go to Swindler's cord and begin to spin around at a very rapid pace, cutting the cord. After a couple seconds, the cord will break, killing Swindler. Once the cord breaks, the goo will turn back to yellow, and become confused for a few seconds.

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