Digger bombs
Dig bomb
Ammunition Five
Ability Explodes in the direction it was thrown
Action Explodes down
Game(s) Toxic II, Super Stock Take

Digger bombs are a type of bomb introduced in Toxic II. They are the first new bombs introduced in the game, and supersede the drill bombs from Toxic I.


The digger bomb appears as a square with purple triangles on each side. Between each triangle are metal circles merged together, some having spikes sticking out.

Game information

Toxic II

Digger bombs can accomplish more than drill bombs from Toxic I, which is likely why drill bombs did not reappear. When a digger bomb detonates, the direction its arrow is pointing is where the four purple normal sized explosions are shot. These explosions will go through all types of wall. The direction which they explode is dependent in what direction they were thrown. If the player is standing and uses one, the explosions will be downwards.

If they run and use one, and it moves horizontally and the bomb hits a platform on the left bomb's left side/right side, the explosions will be in the direction it hit the platform. If the player jumps and uses one, and it hits the ceiling, the explosions will go upwards. Whatever surface the digger bomb hits it will stick to, so that the player can get the most explosions in the direction they want.

Digger bombs are used for digging down platforms or areas filled with much rock, that would take a long time to destroy with usual basic bombs. Digger bombs are also the only bomb capable of causing upward explosions.

Super Stock Take

A digger bomb appears on a box located at the bottom of the left shelf. Despite being a digger bomb, it looks a bit different than the regular digger bomb.


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