This article is for the enemy in Chisel 1 called "digbots". For the enemies called Digbots in Chisel 2, please proceed to scratchbots
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Moving
Health Indestructible
Points N/A
Game(s) Chisel

Digbots are enemies that make their only appearance in the game Chisel.


Digbots are long, orange worm like robots that propel themselves through the ground via the propeller on the end of their last segment. Digbots have an oval shaped head, with pink eyes on a white and two clipper like things for a mouth. A small tunnel follows the propeller on the last segment of a digbot.

Game information

The number of segments a digbot has varies from level-to-level, as digbots do not have any versions which keep the same amount of segments. Digbots are one of the few planet placed enemies in the Chisel series. Digbots act much like scratchbots, moving inside a planet and rebounding off the walls of the planet. Wherever a digbot goes in a planet, Dirt will be always seen around it, as it constantly digs.

Digbots are much more dangerous than scratchbots, as they are much longer and faster than them, and due to this will greatly increase the risk of Chiseler colliding with one. Because of the digbot's increased or decreased size in further levels of Chisel, it can either become easier or harder. Only one digbot can present in a planet, as multiple digbots would be too hard for the player.

Digbots with more segments will move faster inside planets. Digbots are invincible, and will harm the Chiseler on contact, which can make them very difficult and hard to avoid. When a digbot digs in a planet, nothing else that would harm Chiseler would be in the planet.


  • Digbots are the only enemies that didn't make it into Chisel 2. This is probably because digbots would require more space to move around inside planets, and that would be too much for Chisel 2. Another possible reason could be that they would lag up the level.

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