In Steamlands
Type Bullet-firing
Grid spaces One
No upgrade Upgraded
Health 150 165
Damage 15 18
Reload Slow Faster
The above content only applies to Steamlands.

The Determinator is a basic tank gun and the first gun introduced in Steamlands.

They also appear on the Steamlands tank boss in Nitrome Must Die.



Determinators appear as a rounded sided block with a small cannon on the front of the block. The circular red light takes up most of the actual gun.

Nitrome Must Die

Determinators are much bigger than their Steamlands appearance, and appear cartoon like. Other than those previously mentioned changes, they appear exactly as they did in Steamlands.

Game information


Determinators are small guns which power up quickly, and are the only guns that fire in a fixed direction. Determinators are also the smallest of all guns in Steamlands.

Determinators could be considered the worst type of gun, as they can only fire in one direction; the direction their cannon is facing, and they fire slower the more damage they take. Most enemies in the start of the game will frequently use determinators, but throughout the game the determinators are rarely used, usually only used by tanks easily destroyed by the player. Determinators fire quite fast, and are used by the player in most of the starting levels.

Their starting health is 150, and it can be increased to 165. The determinator fires bullets that deal 15 damage each, and can be upgraded to deal more damage.

Nitrome Must Die


tors in Nitro-
me Must Die

Determinators appear in Nitrome Must Die, on the Steamlands tank boss. They appear on all three phases of the tank, appearing always in the front. Like in Steamlands, they only fire in one direction, but unlike in Steamlands, they fire slower and have pink bullets instead of orange. Determinators charge up before firing, which is seen by the red light on them turning orange.

They can be destroyed by simply shooting them for some time, but can only be destroyed in the first phase when the steel block is shot. Three determinators appear in phase one and two of the tank, four determinators appearing in phase three.

Determinator shop items

Below are determinator shop items purchasable in Steamlands.

Determinator damage one Determinator health one Determinator reload one
Image: D1 D2 D3
Price: £2500 £2500 £2500
Tag: Damage Health Reload
Result: Increases damage Health increases to 165 Determinator fires faster
Description: The weight of the Determinators ammunition could easily be increased. But you would have to purchase new parts to keep the firing mechanize stable. The Mechanic here reckons that the Determinator could still operate with a stronger steel frame. He's willing to show you how if you pay him. The inability of the Determinator to aim means that various parts of its reloading mechanism could be simplified, increasing he firing rate.
Level: The Mirror of Venus Target Practice