Detection proton cannons are hazards in the Test Subject series.


The detection proton cannons differences from the usual proton cannon is that the front of the cannon (the part facing down) is smaller than the front of a usual proton cannon, and a bar with an orange line was added.

Game information

Test Subject Blue

Introduced late in Test Subject Blue, detection proton cannons are a more dangerous variation of the proton cannons. Detection proton cannons are models of proton cannons modified with special abilities. The detection proton cannons were introduced on level twelve, the level dodge orange enzymes were introduced.

The detection proton cannons have a bar and an orange block moving horizontally back and fourth in the bar. It will periodically do this until Blue gets close, then it will focus the orange block on blue. Detection proton cannons will fire orange enzyme bullets at Blue when they are focused on him. Detection proton cannons will continue to stay focused on Blue even if they cannot harm him.

Shooting Detector

The can-
-non prior to firing

Once Blue moves far away from the cannons, the orange block will go back to its periodic horizontal movements. Detection proton cannons are much weaker then the standard proton cannons.

One blue proton bullet will collapse and destroy the cannons. Detection proton cannons appear more frequently in later levels of Test Subject Blue, replacing usual proton cannons, although some levels will still use proton cannons for things detection proton cannons are unable to do.

Test Subject Green

In Test Subject Green, detection proton cannons have heavily increased range, so heavily increased that once they target Blue, Blue cannot get off being targeted unless he destroys the detection proton cannon himself. They will fire at him even when it is not possible for the bullet to reach him.

Test Subject Arena

Detection proton cannons appear again in Test Subject Arena, but only on levels two and nine. They are protected from being destroyed in both levels.


  • The orange block in the detection proton cannons may in fact be an orange enzyme, trained to follow Blue's movement and direct the shot of the orange enzyme bullet.
  • In Test Subject Green the detection proton cannons range of detection is highly increased that Blue cannot escape their range. Blue can only escape if it hides behind a wall.