Desert Heat is the first of eight tracks in the game Tanked Up. Hence the name, Desert Heat is in a desert setting. The track is quite short and easy, and has no hazards or obstacles.

Physical description

The track Desert Heat is set out in a remote desert. The wreckage of crashed planes - mostly the hulls and wings of the planes - can be seen throughout the track. With sand almost everywhere, the only type of plants seen are cacti, which appear mostly near the end of the track. Big slabs of tan colored rock are seen in the middle of the track.


Desert Heat is a very simple stage. The stage goes around in a near-circle shape, with rectangular pieces of track near the end of the circle. No hazards are located on the track, as the track is meant for beginners to Tanked Up.



  • The wings of the crashed planes have Hot Air's face on it.

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