A list of demons in the game Mirror Image.

Poor sighted demons

Poor sighted demons are enemies in the game Mirror Image.


They are black with three long objects coming out of their heads. They have two small black legs and have a with face that appears to look like a skull. They also have two black eyes with no pupils and a frowning mouth. Black smoke constantly rises from them.

Game information

Poor sighted demons are first encountered on level four of Mirror Image. They have very poor sight and each time the warlock teleports they will move but in a set order. They are often encountered in numbers. They are the weakest of all demons.

Jumping demons

Jumping demons are enemies in the game Mirror Image.


Jumping demons are black with two rabbit like ears. They have two arms and a black face shaped like a skull. They have two black eyes with no pupils and a rabbit like nose.

Game information

Jumping demons are so called for their ability to hop. Unlike the poor sighted demons they do not move in a set order. Each time the warlock teleports they jump closer to him. Jumping demons also share many similarities with real life rabbits such as appearance and actions.

Four-eyed demons

Four-eyed demons are enemies in the game Mirror Image.


As their name says, four eyed demons have four eyes. These demons are black and they are shaped like flame. They have crazy grin and a diamond on their forehead.

Game information

Mirror Image

These demons' specialty is to turn the Warlock into a stone, if they have an eye-contact on him, but they do not move anywhere. A white eye around the demon tells where it is looking, however, it is unable to see through the objects. Four eyed demons can be seen only on levels sixteen and twenty-six.

Bump Battle Royale

Four-eyed demon appears in Bump Battle Royale as an obstacle on the Mirror Image stage. The demon will move around the far horizontal edge of the stage and will regularly pop up, where it is will glow purple for a short period and flash white, causing purple energy to appear across the area it is facing. If player is in the way of the energy when it appears, the player will be turned into stone. The player must rapidly press the acceleration button to break free from the stone.