Demolition crew
RT BossRT GarryRT BarryRT Larry the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th
The demolition crew
Commander Boss
Base No base
Location Unknown
Reinforcements Various workmen
Weapons Various tools
Vehicles Thumper, Drill-mobile, Ultimasher 3000
Enemies None
Status Alive, going to a new contract
Game Rubble Trouble series

The demolition crew is a crew of five construction workers known as Larry, Garry, Barry, Larry the 2nd, Larry the 3rd, and Larry the 4th who are commanded by the boss in the Rubble Trouble series.

History and description

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The demolition crew used several tools like nitroglycerine and the thumper vehicle, but they are sometimes limited to a certain number of them. Their jobs are demolishing several old abandoned buildings for money. Larry and his three identical, same named brothers are sometimes getting stuck on the top of the buildings.

After destroying 30 buildings, the boss split all of the money. Half of the money went to the brothers, and the other half went to the boss, which he spent some on a car. The brothers bought the Ultimasher 3000 with their half.

Crew names and occupation

  • Boss - Commander of the demolition crew
  • Garry - Pilots all tools that use weapons, and some non weapon vehicles, and the helicopter.
  • Barry - Pilots mostly all non weapon vehicles, and the plane.
  • Larry - Has big muscles like his brothers. Always getting stuck on top of buildings.
  • Larry the 2nd - Same name as Larry, and also has big muscles. Like Larry, gets stuck on top of buildings.
  • Larry the 3rd - Has several similarity's to his brothers. He once went on top of a building to see the view, and got stuck.
  • Larry the 4th - The last brother with the name Larry. Once, him and all his brothers called Larry got stuck on a building all together.


  • Nitroglycerine - A bomb-like tool. Explodes on impact. Great for explosions in one place.
  • Cannon ball - A cement mixer modified by Barry to shoot cannon balls. Great for long range shooting.
  • Wrecking ball - A wrecking ball attached to a helicopter. Breaks glass easily, and good for pushing stuff around.
  • Missile launcher - Found by the brothers' cousin Ivan, this machine can fire off three missiles at once. Great for demolishing hard-to-reach spots.
  • Air strike - Really nitroglycerine dropped out of a Garry-controlled plane. Great for destroying small things quickly. Can only be used in yellow barriers.
  • Grabber - Another helicopter weapon. A giant hand great for ripping single debris out and bringing to the ground.
  • Chain gun - A revolving gun that was found by Ivan after it fell off a lorry. Great for destroying any debris.


  • Thumper - A vehicle that is used to send out loud shockwave. Great for destroying Debris from a short distance away.
  • Drill-mobile - A vehicle unused by the demolition crew in there jobs. Does not have a name, and not much is known about it.
  • Spoiler
    Ultimasher 3000 - The biggest and best demolition vehicle. Bought by the brothers after the completion of the 30th job in Rubble Trouble New York, it is one of the most powerful demolition vehicles.

Other appearances

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