This article is about death from Blast RPG. For death from all Nitrome games, please see Death (Nitrome games).

Abilities Kills the first enemy the player is up against
Game Blast RPG

The death item is a shop item in the game Blast RPG.


The death item is a white cracked skull, with two empty eye-sockets.

Game information

The death item, when activated, will cause the first enemy following the player to die. This can be thought of as the player inflicting infinite damage on the foe, or inflicting as much damage as the foe's health. Death items are collectible and can also be purchased at the shop.

The death item is especially useful in new levels that the player has never been to as it kills the first enemy following them. The use being that they can use it on a difficult or newly encountered enemy to instantly rid of them so they do not have a chance of being defeated before making it to the end of the level.


Name Buy price Sell price
Death 189 gold 110 gold

Shop description

Kills the first monster

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