Deadly ground
Damage Piece disappears on contact
Game(s) Powerup

Deadly ground is a hazard introduced first introduced in level 13 of the game Powerup.


There are white bones scattered and buried among the purple area it is located in and the area gives off a light blue glow. All flowers growing on this ground appear to be wilted. It looks similar to the variety in Ice Breaker, called runes.

Game information

Deadly ground may cover a large area of the ground between the transformers or be sticking out of level ground, and the player would have to construct their pieces around it. If the player is building a structure to conduct a circuit, and one of the pieces falls, it will disappear on contact with the deadly ground. The eliminated piece will reappear inside the chest found on that certain level.

An exception to this rule is when the player uses coffin blocks, which are able to withstand the deadly ground's ability to "kill" pieces. On more difficult levels, deadly ground is often found in between the two robot heads, forcing the player to build their structure around it.

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