Deactivation buttons are a type of button first introduced in the game Test Subject Blue, but was also used in the games Test Subject Green and Test Subject Arena. If it appears in Test Subject Complete, it will be used in the entire Test Subject Series.


Deactivation buttons have a purple metal top and a green button in the middle of the purple metal. Deactivation buttons face horizontally, so they are placed on walls.

Game information

Deactivation buttons make a fair amount of appearances in Test Subject Blue, but appear less in Test Subject Green. To activate the button, it has to be shot with a blue enzyme bullet from Blue's proton cannon. It can also be shot with a green bullet in Test Subject Arena.

When a deactivation button is shot, it will deactivate all green teleporters in the level for three seconds. Although it deactivates all of them, the ends of the teleporters can still be seen. When the teleporters are down, the green button on the deactivation button will go down, and when the teleporters come up, the green button will come up.

Orange enzyme bullets and orange enzymes will not trigger the deactivation buttons, despite the orange enzyme bullets being quite similar to Blue's blue enzyme bullets.


  • In Test Subject Blue deactivation buttons do not make any sound, however in Test Subject Green they make a ticking sound when teleporters are about to activate again.