Dave Cowen
Dave Cowen
Occupation Musician
First Game Snot Put
Latest Game Ditto
Joined March 2008

Dave Cowen is a freelance musician that composes most of the music for Nitrome (his main client) since 2010. He also produces music for other clients, such as Armorgames and Neutronized . His place of residence is in London, United Kingdom.


Contributions to Nitrome

Dave began working for Nitrome in March 2008 as one of the music composers for the site. He soon made many music tracks for the games, and took over (but not completely) for Lee Nicklen. His works for Nitrome first appeared in the game Snot Put.


He has a degree in music production, and has played piano for over 20 years.


The following list lists Nitrome games for which Dave has composed music, in chronological order.

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