This article is about the organization called dark creatures. For the enemy, see Basic dark creatures

Dark creatures
Dark Thing
A regular dark creature
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Can jump through platforms
Health One blow
Game(s) Twin Shot series

The dark creatures is a name given to the small dark coloured creatures that are the villains in the Twin Shot series, as well as enemies in the game Nitrome Must Die.


In every generation of Twin Shot, the dark creatures came in groups (in many different forms), to wreak havoc upon an ancient cloud city, and every time their disastrous plan was thwarted by the angels, who drove the horde back.


Dark creatures have many other forms, using animals like big purple pigs to aid them in their evil schemes, and different pieces of armour. They also work with other enemies who come from the underworld or from around the ancient city, such as thieves and strong creatures.

It is unclear how the dark creatures communicate (or if they can even speak) due to not having mouths.

Variations of dark creatures

Their are many different variations of dark creatures. Most of them are armed with weapons or using creatures. Dark creatures also bring creatures with them to also use for attacks.

Penguin 1

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Cut versions

Two types of dark creatures in the files of Nitrome Must Die were found unused. One of them is an employee riding a dark creature, another being an alternate version of the helmet dark creature. .gifs for both exist, with both probably being fully able to be implemented into the game.


Penguin 1

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