Dagger (DE)
Damage Low
Belongs to Enemy soldiers, enemy commanders, Spartans (red and black crest)
Game Double Edged

The dagger is a weapon in the game Double Edged.


Daggers are small, and can only be seen when the player loses their primary weapon. They have a brown hilt, with a silver-grey blade. The detail of the dagger is very poor, as they are so small.

Game Information

The dagger belongs to the enemy soldiers, enemy commanders, and the red and slack Spartan soldiers. The dagger acts as the reserve weapon for the three soldiers when they want to attack, or for when they have been disarmed of their weapon or unequipped with a higher quality weapon.

Daggers are somewhat inadequate, probably due to their damage, speed, and range. They also cannot hit an enemy as fast, but can slow them down when they do. A dagger can neither be discarded nor lost while a player is being knocked unconscious. It is the weakest available weapon in Double Edged.


  • Although the skeletons are dead soldiers, they do not possess the dagger. This is probably because they have no scabbard, so they cannot hold it.
  • Occasionally, if a Spartan is hit by a dagger, it will not do any damage.

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