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Cylinder 25*9
The boss as it appears when Gunbrick is played in its native resolution
Attacks Shoots red lasers
Abilities Move up and down
Level Nine (boss and last level)
Health Ten shots
Points None
Game(s) Gunbrick

Cylinder 25*9[1] is the first and final boss encountered in the last level of the game Gunbrick.


The big rocket image was made, like everything else in Gunbrick, so that is fits with the size of the icon. In blocks, it size is three by four blocks. Cylinder 25*9 is a silver cylinder with flashing red and white dots in the middle that are also it's weak spot. It has two small cannons on it's side, and it shoots out red bullets.

Game information

Its movements follow a pattern all the time. First, the two cannons shoot a laser, and then, the cylinder moves up or down. To destroy it, the player has to move in sync with it and avoid the lasers, Then they have to shoot quickly the weak point and get away from where they are, avoiding the lasers again.
Upon being shot five times, regardless if the player has died, it will shield itself and move as it did before, only rapidly firing.

It will revert back to its usual self after that. Each time the player shoots and hits the rocket, a counter at the left will add a point. If the player dies and respawns, a point will disappear. Once the counter has nine points, the rocket will explode and the player will complete the level and the game.



  1. As named in ending

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