GW Cyborg
Gender Male
Faction Good
Level(s) Most
Status Alive
Game(s) The Glassworks

Cyborgs are characters seen in the levels of The Glassworks. They usually give Kapowski tips on the level when Kapowski goes close them.


Their body look a lot like the robot workers, with grey metal arms and legs, and orange hands, feet and body. They have dark brown hair and beard, and are seen reading a white newspaper that covers most of their bodies.

Game information

Cyborgs are first seen on level one and are above the glass reading a newspaper with a grey thermos and a robot mask close by, and are generally located near the start of the level. When the player gets close to one, he will talk with the player, either saying something useful about the level or something pointless about the current situation.


  • The newspaper the cyborgs read all have a heading title of "NITR". The full title is probably "NITROME", which is a reference to the game company who created the game, Nitrome.
  • The player can hear cyborgs say "What's up?" when near one, despite cyborgs only giving their tips/instructions in speech bubbles.

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