Cutting lasers
Attack Projecting a laser
Damage One life
Game(s) Final Ninja Zero

Cutting lasers are hazardous lasers in Final Ninja Zero.


Cutting lasers have the appearance similar to a gun, with a square rectangular cannon curved at the top, with a square shape at the back and a smaller square like object beneath the top square shape.

Game information

Cutting lasers are introduced in levels after the first battle with Maxwell Merlock. The laser projects an orange coloured laser beam which will harm Takeshi on contact, the laser having a similar appearance to the laser projected by the hot laser beams. Cutting lasers act much like hot laser beams as well, only cutting lasers can be used for other things hot laser beams are unable to do. Cutting lasers also do not turn off at all unlike hot laser beams. They are most commonly seen moving on a rail amongst other cutting lasers, sometimes encountered rotating 180°, and sometimes stationary.

Takeshi may have to sometimes pass a cutting laser, however, due to their non stop projected laser, Takeshi will have to wait until the laser has been blocked out by a platform, in order to pass. Although cutting lasers have the word "cutting" in their name, nowhere in the game are they seen cutting anything. These lasers are one of a few hazards to be used by other enemies, upgraded sentinel robots have their capsule-shooting cannon replaced with a Cutting Laser.

Although upgraded sentinel robots can be destroyed by a green mine, green mines do not harm the cutting lasers, as cutting lasers are immune to all attacks and are indestructible, and also will only harm Takeshi and not other enemies or hazards. Cutting lasers appear often in levels after the first fight with Maxwell Merlock, more frequently than hot laser beams.

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