Crying monsters
Crying Monster
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Can disguise itself inside a bush
Health One blow
Game(s) Frost Bite 2

Crying monsters are enemies that are introduced in the game Frost Bite 2.


Crying monsters appear as a small, black coloured creatures. They seem to be a cross between an Ape and Bear, having characteristics from the two. It has a stomach, which is lighter than most of its skin. Above it is the creatures mouth, and on both sides of that are the arms. The crying monster has to small little eyes and two bear like ears, having to feet below its stomach. Crying monsters are one of the smallest enemies in the Frost Bite series, being beaten by the bird monsters.

Game information

Frost Bite 2

Crying monsters are introduced early in Frost Bite 2. The crying monster will be seen to cry and jump into the bush behind it. If the player walks into the bush, they will be harmed. Two yellow eyes on a bush are a sign of the creature, while a bush moving or legs seen underneath the bush are another sign. The monster may sometimes jump back out of the bush. To kill a crying monster, the player has to shoot the bush it is in. If the crying monster is in it, it will be pulled out by the grappling hook and killed.

Often, the player will not see a crying monster disguise itself in the bush, and only know it is there by shooting a bush or being damaged going past a bush. An easy way to stay safe at all times is to shoot all bushes they come across, that way, if no enemy is caught on the hook, it is safe to pass.

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