Crushing machines
Crushing Machine
Attack Crushing robots
Damage Kills the robot
Game(s) Rustyard

Crushing machines are hazards in the game Rustyard.


They appear as a giant rusty square with two pieces of metal to act as legs. On the box is a smaller square fastened down by four bolts, to the left of it being a vent. To the right of a square is a two coloured sideways pill shaped metal part, which has two lights on it. The right light is lit green when it is idle, while the left one is lit red when it is crushing something.

Above the small square is a large triangular piece of metal that has the down sign (↓) on the top. Behind the sides of it are two spring like objects, really pieces of metal fastened down. These parts are used for crushing robots that fall into it from the top.

Game information

Crushing machines are used by the player as an interactive object, but cannot be interacted with by the robot. On the top, where there is an arrow pointing down, if a robot (including the robot) falls into it, the two spring likes parts will move in a back many times, before the robot comes out left side of the machine (where the vent is). The robot will not come out intact, but as a robot crushed into a block. The player can now use the block as a usual block. The machine can also turn the protagonist into a block, but doing this initiates a game over.


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