This article is about crushers from Canary. For crushers from Stretch Dungeon, please see Crushers.

Both types of crushers
Attack Crushing down or up on the player
Damage One life
Game(s) Canary

Crushers are hazards in the game Canary.


General appearance

Crushers are pieces of metal with a checkered yellow and black line, with a pipe behind the piece of metal.

Small crushers

Small crushers consist of a pipe followed by a rectangular piece of metal.

Big crushers

Big crushers are made of a pipe followed by a slim, but long piece of metal rowed with spikes.

Game information

There are two types of crushers, both of which have the same general design.

Small crushers

The first type of crusher is the small crusher (top crusher in picture). It is because of the small crushers size that they are used more often in Canary than big crushers, the second type of crusher.

Small crushers usually appear in a hallway, among other crushers who all move down in sync with each other. crushers - both kinds - will cost Canary 214-LE one health bar from the Canary's health bar if the Canary gets trapped under the crusher. Sometimes, two small crushers facing each other can be found in a hallway among the same crushers in the same way.

These crushers will still deal the same amount of damage as a usual crusher.

Big crushers

The second type of crusher is a big crusher. This type of crusher appears in a few levels near the end of Canary. It is because of their large size that they aren't used that much.

Throughout Canary, the player will have to swiftly avoid the crushers, while in some occasions the player will find something to push that will jam the crushers, and stop them from crushing down on the player. It is uncertain what The Canaries used the crushers for, as they cannot destroy walk and seem to be placed in unusual areas. They might have used them to destroy aliens, however.


  • Contrary to popular belief, the player will not lose all health when crushed by any crusher. Rather, they will just lose one life.
  • Also contrary to popular belief, the crushers will kill enemies that get caught under the crusher. This is demonstrated on level 23 of Canary when a walking corrupted Canary walks into a crusher and is killed. Also, the player will also receive points for enemies killed in the crushers.

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