Crusher squirrels
A small-log squirrel unenslaved
Attack Crushing the parasite
Abilities Crushing things
Health Invincible
Points None
Game(s) Parasite

Crusher squirrels are controllable enemies in the game Parasite.


When not enslaved, crusher squirrels are usually found asleep on their logs. They have a fluffy tail, small arms, a black nose, ears, brown fur, and a white-pink belly.

When enslaved, their fur turns to dark-brown, their belly turns light-green, and the two arms previously idle point outwards. Their eyes open and are green, and out of their mouth can be seen green bubbling goo. Two versions exist: one with a small log, and one with a big log.

Game information

The crusher squirrel is a squirrel in a log who is limited to how far it can go by yellow beams. To control a crusher squirrel, the parasite must jump on its head. Once controlled, it must be lifted up in the air and then brought down on creatures to crush them. If it is pushed down on the ground or on a platform, it can push enemies. It is first encountered in level ten.


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