Crusher guardians are enemies in the game Onekey, and serves as phase two of the third boss battle in Nitrome Must Die.


They have the appearance of a rock cut out to look like a giant fist, and will smash down whenever the space bar is pressed. The guardians have holes with flames in them for eyes. Their bodies vary in appearance from Onekey to Nitrome Must Die, being made of purple stone in Onekey and grey stone in Nitrome Must Die.

Game information


Crusher guardians appear floating in the air when encountered. There are two objects that can kill other types of guardians being the gates and other crusher guardians.

If the space bar is pressed and held, the crusher block will stay up for however long the player holds, and when the player releases the space bar, they drop down. This is the halfway solution to level eight of Onekey. Crusher guardians appear frequently throughout Onekey, and sometimes beside other crusher blocks.

Nitrome Must Die

Crusher guardian
Crusher Guardian NMD
Attacks Moving in a square
Level Thirty
Game(s) Nitrome Must Die

The crusher guardian appears in the second part of the third boss battle in Nitrome Must Die. Like Big Daddy and the squish block, attacks by moving in the smaller square path around the room. Unlike the movements of Big Daddy, the crusher guardian moves on the outer spiky areas of the level.

It is not as big as Big Daddy, but takes up enough space to be easy to hit. Once the health bar shared by all three bosses is dropped to one third, the crusher guardian breaks up, revealing the squish block, the third and last part of the battle.