This article is about crusher blocks from Mega Mash. For crusher blocks from other games, please see Crusher blocks.

Crusher blocks
Happy dropping block
In Carrot Story
Attack Crushing the player
Abilities Moves in a set direction
Game(s) Mega Mash

Crusher blocks are hazards in Mega Mash.


In Blast Man Joe, crusher blocks appear as an old brown block with a face.

In Balloon, there are two types of crusher blocks: male crusher blocks and female crusher blocks. Male crusher blocks are bigger than female crusher blocks, and equal to the size of four of them; however, female crusher blocks are encountered far more often then male ones.

In Carrot Story, crusher blocks are light red, have cheeks near their two big eyes and a mouth which has a tooth.

General game information

Crusher blocks appear in Carrot Story, Blast-Man Joe, and Balloon. Crusher blocks attack by moving in a set direction and reversing direction when they can go no further. If the player is crushed against the wall/floor when a crusher block impacts them, they will be harmed. Crusher blocks are immune to damage, and have to be avoided. Crusher blocks can activate switches, and are sometimes used for progressing farther in the level.

Crusher blocks are not hazardous on contact, however, they can cause the player damage by forcing them against platforms. A few levels require the plauer to jump on top of crusher blocks in order to advance further in the level. In later levels of Mega Mash, crusher blocks are encountered in long lines. In Blast-Man Joe, Joe is prevented from moving when hit by a crusher block.

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