This article is about crusher blocks from Colourblind. For crusher blocks from other games, please see Crusher blocks.

Crusher blocks
Colourblind CrusherBlock medium
Attack Falling Down
Damage Death
Game(s) Colourblind

Crusher blocks are hazards in Colourblind


Crusher blocks appear as a big green rectangle of various sizes. They have teeth-like objects on all of their sides with the bigger ones on the bottom and the top of the crusher blocks. Crusher blocks have two small eyes at bottom left and bottom right corner of their body. Like many hazards in Colourblind, crusher blocks can only appear in one color, this colour being green.

Game information

As crusher blocks can only appear in green, the player has to touch a green totem for them to appear. Crusher blocks will move horizontally in a set path. They will move in one direction slowly, allowing the player to pass by them; but will move in the other direction very fast, being hazardous to the player as they can easily crush the right eye.

Despite having teeth on all of their sides, crusher blocks are not harmful on contact. The player can touch them and often has to use them as platforms. Crusher blocks can only kill the player by crushing them against something else, like the floor, the ceiling, or another crusher block. Crusher blocks often appear in pairs, one being on top of the other to more easily crush the player in the middle. Although their size may vary, two paired crusher blocks will most often be the same size.


  • Because of their eyes and teeth on all sides, crusher blocks resemble Tox Boxes from the Super Mario games.

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