This article is about crumbling platforms from Knight Trap. For crumbling platforms from other games, please see Crumbling blocks.

Crumbling platforms
Crumbling platforms
Attack Collapses
Game(s) Knight Trap

Crumbling platforms are floor-like plates in the game Knight Trap that exist between floors, or in place of floors.


Crumbling platforms are equal in height to the top portion of the goal platforms or the stone platforms found in most of the levels in Knight Trap. They are thin and grey, and the player can see small pieces of them disintegrate when the different tiles of the crumbling platforms are stepped on.

Game information

They may be stood on, but once moved off of (either by walking or jumping) they disappear. The only way to retrieve them is by resetting the level, losing all progress.

In one level, virtually the entire level is composed of narrow crumbling platforms. This requires careful planning and moving, otherwise it will become impossible to move all the knights to the top of the level.

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