This article is about crumbling blocks from The Bucket. For crumbling blocks from other games, please see Crumbling blocks (disambiguation).

Crumbling blocks
Ability Grants the player points
Points Fifty
Game(s) The Bucket

Crumbling blocks are interactive objects that first appear on level five of the game The Bucket.


Square-shaped, crumbling blocks are grey and visibly made up of smaller rocks. They are bordered with a darker grey outline and each individual rock within the crumble blocks comes in various shades of grey as well.

Game information

As a barrier, crumbling blocks usually prevent the mystical flying fish and raccoon from easily passing through an open area. If they cannot be avoided, they must be destroyed in order to proceed and keep up with the scrolling screen.

There are two ways of destroying crumbling blocks, both which are introduced in level five. First, the player can have the mystical flying fish swing the bucket into a crumbling block. If it swings hard enough, the block will break. The player must do this to each individual block, and eventually, for later levels, the method is no longer efficient.

Just before the finish block, a bomb is also introduced to the game. By pushing the bomb into the crumbling blocks, they will also be destroyed. Bombs are capable of destroying columns of crumbling blocks, and are seen more often alongside each other as later levels progress. Each crumbling block destroyed grants the player fifty points.

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