Attack Turns spokes
Abilities Can turn its spokes, remain stationary
Health Cannot be destroyed
Game(s) The Bucket

Crossfires are enemies only seen in levels eighteen and nineteen of The Bucket.


Crossfires have four spokes which turn in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction, each of them bearing small hot flames.

Game information

Although it remains in one place when seen, it is considered an enemy because it has a face. Destroying crossfires is not possible, and the player must treat this enemy as if it were one of the wooden spokes seen in earlier levels, being careful not to touch any of the "arms".

Contact with crossfires' fiery spokes will cause the raccoon to lose a life, and will jerk the mystical flying fish's movement. The string separating the fish from the bucket, however, seems to be tolerant to the crossfires' spokes and thus, the player can successfully avoid them using this strategy.


  • The crossfire is similar to the firebars from the Mario series, in fact it is the second enemy/hazard to have a relationship with firebars, the first being the firebars from Enemy 585.

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