Holy Cross
Ability Giving the player a holy bonus that doubles their score
Game(s) Turn-Undead

Crosses are interactive objects in the game Turn-Undead.


Crosses are shaped like a christian cross with three short bars pointing left, right, and up and one end of the cross pointing downwards being two times the length of the others. Crosses are completely golden with a red jewel embedded in the surface where the three top bars meet. Lastly, the ends of crosses are pointed like an arrow.

Game information

Crosses first appear in level 1 of Turn-Undead and in all levels thereafter. Crosses only appear in single groups and often in an area that requires problem solving to get to or near enemies. Once the player touches a cross, it will fly to the top left corner of the screen and fit into the outline that resembles it. Upon completing the level with the collected cross, the player will get a holy bonus that doubles their score.


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