Critters are enemies in the game Hot Air 2. They appear as yellow creatures able to move on all surfaces. Typical of the Hot Air series, they do not appear in Hot Air or Hot Air Jr.


Critters have a yellow vertical body and two chubby yellow cheeks sticking out on each side. Visible on the middle of the vertical part of the body are two white teeth. Above the pink cheeks are two black eyes.

Game information

Critters only appear in Hot Air 2 on the bonus level 26, A Tight Squeeze. Critters are scattered throughout the level, and often move past each other. Critters move on walls, with one side against the wall. They turn at corners, and move at a constant speed.

Due to the setup of the level, critters are very dangerous, as throughout the level pathways the player takes can only hold two critters side-by-side, making an encounter with a critter fatal. Critters have no attack, they just move about the level. Usually, only one critter is present on a platform, but sometimes there may be more.