Crawling orange goo are enemies in Swindler 2. They are first introduced on level seventeen.


Pot machine

The pot the crawling orange goo come out of

The appearance of crawling orange goo is basically a larger glob of orange goo with eyes and a smaller glob (that has a pair of eyes too) on their backs.

Game information

Crawling orange goo is spawned from silver pots, or holes, on the walls, the enemy coming out when these pots are facing downwards. Crawling orange goo do not move around on their own at all, instead, they just slide around when the screen is tilted so that they are facing diagonally or down. If they touch a pot that is facing up, they hide in it.

if Swindler comes in contact at all with a crawling orange goo creature, he will die. Since the goo creatures will slide when the screen is tilted, the player must be careful to not tilt the screen toward Swindler too much. Another danger is having these crawling orange goo fall on Swindler from above, so the player must watch out and be very cautious when these creatures are around.


  • Crawling orange goo were created for Swindler, but due to level design issues, as well as bugs that could not be fixed on time, they did not make it into the game [citation needed].