Crawling green enzymes are enemies in Test Subject Green.


Crawling green enzymes have a pair of small arms and a small body.

Game information

Crawling green enzymes are the first green enzymes introduced in the game, and the easiest to kill almost equal to walking orange enzymes, as both are the first enzymes of their kind introduced and they have no attack. Crawling green enzymes are one of three green enzymes created by the scientist.

These green enemies will simply crawl on the floor they are, reversing moment when they reach the ends of platforms. Because they are so low down, a blue proton bullet fired from the proto suit's standing position will miss them. Crawling green enzymes need to be shot while crouching to hit them, one blue proton bullet being enough to kill them.

Crawling green enzymes move at medium paced speed, and can be a danger in small areas or if the player is not fast enough to crouch and shoot them. Only one crawling green enzyme is present on a single floor, as two would be too difficult for the player.


  • In the first level of Test Subject Green, two crawling green enzymes were planned to be in the level, as seen in the 58 second trailer. One would be on the bottom platform while another would be in the top. When Test Subject Green was released, only one crawling green enzyme was present in the level, the one on the bottom platform. The second was probably taken out because the player would have a very hard time killing it and would be killed if they fell down to the top platform.