This article is about crates from Parasite. For crates from other games, please see Crates.

Wooden Crate
Ability Floating on water, weighing down buttons
Game(s) Parasite

Crates are interactive objects in the game Parasite.


Crates are a brown wooden box. They are made of three wooden planks joined together in the center, which are surrounded by four border planks that keep the crate intact.

Game information

Crates first appear on level five. Crates can be punched by brutes and carried by winged cats. If crates are dropped on the water, they will float. They can be used to activate buttons and are the only object, other than bee hives, that are able to kill snails. If a crate is being held by a winged cats' tail, it is possible for it to slip off the tail if pushed against a object.

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