This article is about crates from Mutiny. For crates from other games, please see Crates.

Crates Mutiny
Ammunition Three per weapon, weapon ammo varies
Ability Blocks players
Action Can be dropped
Damage None
Game(s) Mutiny

Crates are non-harmful weapons in the game Mutiny.


The crate appears as a box with a reddish-brown colored wood. Crates are about the size of a usual pirate. The crate consists of an outer square of wood which holds together four horizontal wooden planks and one diagonal wooden plank.

Game information

Crates cannot be used to harm an enemy, but to create barriers that block their path. When the crate weapon is selected, three crates can be dropped per use. They can be dropped anywhere on the screen, but not directly on top of other pirates. Crates will to be able to be dropped if an X appears when the player is about to drop them. Crates are mainly an offensive weapon, used for making walls so enemies will have a touch time getting to the player.

They can also be used to waste the enemies ammunition or turn, as if enough are placed, the enemy will be forced to destroy them to get past. Crates are destroyed when hit with any weapon, the pieces of eight being the opportune weapon to use at it can destroy a single crate with one coin. Crates are best used for building a Fort, or if the player is trying to conceal there teammates or block off other enemies. Gunpowder barrels are essentially the crates' defensive counterpart that explode when destroyed.

Crates can be used to fence an enemy or teammate in, to trap them or protect them. If used on an enemy the enemy or the enemy's teammates will have to destroy the crates, but risk harming their teammate. It can also be used to place two gunpowder barrels side-by-side of the crates that are trapping the enemy so that the enemy can be harmed greatly when the barrels are destroyed.

However with the proper use of weapons, it is possible to destroy a single crate and make an opening for the enemy to escape. This can be remedied by placing Gunpowder Barrels near close to it. Along with the downfalls of crate-trapping being an enemy teammate able to flawlessly make an opening for the trapped enemy teammate to escape, certain weapons can be used while trapped, this "crate-trap" now serving as a temporary shield from enemy attacks. Weapons like the rum bottle, cannon, and seagull can be used even when trapped.


Click everywhere on the stage to place down three crates. Use them to form a wall to protect your characters.


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