This article is about cows from Bad Ice-Cream. For cows from other games, please see Cows.

Black & White Cows
Attack Dangerous on contact
Abilities Walking
Health Indestructible
Game(s) Bad Ice-Cream

Cows are enemies in the game Bad Ice-Cream.


Cows are large. The lower half of the cow (where the mouth is) is black. The mouth is pink, and has a buck tooth. The rest of the face is white, including the cow's nose and eyes. The area where the horns are on the top of the cow's head, is black.

Game information

They are black and white cows which move slowly around the level and don't have a set path. They are introduced on level three of the game and make very few appearances in further levels.

They have a stronger variation called blue cows. Because black and white cows don't have a set path, they will walk anywhere around the level and are easy to avoid as they will not chase the player. Cows are slower than trolls.

If a cow is completely prevented from moving, it will stand still with a ? above its head.

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