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Ability Counting down to the release of a hazard
Game(s) Flue

The counter is an interactive object in Flue.


The counter appears as a square shaped box in the centre of the screen. It is black with red borders that turn black (in a counter-clockwise order) once the player moves. Smaller red lines in the middle of the box indicate which sides of the tunnel the hazards (usually fire) will be on.

Once all of the red borders are gone, the smaller red lines will flash quickly. On levels where the counter is counting down to spike panel protrusion, the entire centre of the box will flash red with a black exclamation point in the middle.

Game information

The counter warns the player of incoming hazards. It indicates which sides of the tunnel the hazards will be on and when they will come. Each time the player moves, the counter counts down one by removing one of its red borders, beeping when a border is removed. When the hazards appear, it is indicated by an alarm sound made by the counter. Once the counter reaches zero, the next move the player makes resets the counter and triggers all actions and hazards that are being counted down by the counter.

The counter counts down fire blasts, spiked red slime jumps, and spike panel protrusions.

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