Cosmic swirls
Cosmic Swirl
Attack Dangerous on contact
Damage Death
Game(s) Chisel 2

Cosmic swirls are hazards in the game Chisel 2.


Cosmic swirls are black hole like hazards. Four white swirls rotate around a white circle, which emits a big white circle.

Game information

Cosmic swirls are the only hazard in the Chisel series, and are stationary, moving only the swirls clockwise. Cosmic swirls make many appearances throughout Chisel 2. Cosmic swirls are lethal to Chisel, and will kill Chiseler if he comes in contact with one, by sucking him into the swirl.

Further into the levels of Chisel 2, cosmic swirls appear more in levels, and are placed in areas Chiseler is likely to run into them. Because cosmic swirls kill on contact, they cannot be destroyed nor removed. Cosmic swirls will not affect enemies, only Chiseler. Chiseler will not be harmed if he touches a cosmic swirl while beginning to dig.


  • It is possible that the cosmic swirl will transport Chiseler to a new area if he goes into it. Seeing as touching the cosmic swirl kills Chiseler, triggering a game over, this is highly unlikely.
  • Cosmic swirls resemble black holes from Space Hopper and electric portals from Bullethead.

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