Cord orange goo
Cord Orange Goo
Cord orange goo and its orange goo covered block
Attack Eating the player
Abilities Attaching to their cord
Health Indestructible
Points N/A
Game(s) Swindler

Cord orange goo is an enemy in the Swindler series.


The block cord orange goo comes from appears as a usual one by one block, with orange, stretchy, bubbly liquid on it. The actual enemy appears as a orange cord with a mouth on the end, which bites forward to advance down the cord.

Game information

Eater Block

The block the cord comes from

The block cord orange goo comes from will appear as a usual block with orange goo stretched across it. In levels which this block appears in, the player must stretch their cord over it. Upon stretching the cord over, a bubbly sphere will appear where the cord attached to the orange goo covered block, and a shriek will be heard. When this happens, the mouth of the creature will appear on the cord and advance down it, slowly. It will bite forward to advance, at first taking small bites, and slowly advancing to big bites. Where it bites will appear as a small bulging sphere.

Swindler safe touch

Swindler touching a cord orange goo from a safe spot

It bites to move at a medium pace, slow enough for the player to advance. The cord orange goo cannot in any way come off the cord, but will stay on it until the level is completed or failed. It is possible for it to come off if the player takes the cord off the orange goo covered block, however, this cannot be done to complete the level, as the player has to put their cord across the block to complete the level. If the goo comes to any wall green slime, it will continue to make its sucking motion, but it will not advance on the cord.

If the mouth on the cord manages to get to the player, it will engulf the player in its mouth and kill it, the player's eyes and frown visible as the character squirms around. However, it is safe for Swindler to touch the orange cord or mouth if he is on another part of the cord.

The cord orange goo appears on levels which would be very easy to complete if the goo wasn't present. It appears only twice in Swindler, in levels 15 and 17.


  • Cord orange goo is similar to gobble spawns from Dangle. Both enemies cord orange goo and eater droplets are able to latch on to the player's line and move down it. The player risks being eaten if they do not advance fast enough downwards.

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