This article is about moving platforms from Cheese Dreams. For moving platforms from other games, please see Moving platforms.

Controlled moving platforms
Controlled moving platform
Ability Can be manually controlled by the player
Game(s) Cheese Dreams

Controlled moving platforms are interactive objects in the game Cheese Dreams.


Controlled moving platforms appear as trapezoid-shaped platforms with a small grey ledge at the top. The bottom is light blue and has two pink cheese batteries. The cheese batteries power the platform and presumably run on cheese.

The cheese containers have a small Swiss cheese icon on them and small '-' and '+' signs, representing the positive and negative ends of the battery. They are connected to the platform by small pulsating wires. The grey ledge is wider than the bottom, and it has six pink arrows on it- three pointing to the left, and three pointing to the right. A pink glow is emitted from the top of the platform.

Game information

When the moon jumps on a controlled moving platform, it will move upward, and slightly to the left or right, depending on which side the moon lands on. If the moon lands in the centre, the platform will simply move straight up. If the moon does not jump on it again for about five seconds, it will quickly fall down to the start of the level.

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