Communications satellite
The communications satellite when fully repaired
Ability Ends the game
Game(s) Submolok

The communications satellite is an interactive object in Submolok.


The communications satellite is a large grey-blue box with a hatch on it. On the sides of the box are sets of three solar panels. On top of the box is a satellite dish with a beam. The beam has red wire wrapped around it. The red wire leads into a small box on the ground that has a red button.

Game information

During the introduction of the game, Submolok is struck down by the humans, along with his communications satellite. Both Submolok and the satellite crash into the ocean. The player must navigate the ocean to collect at least six hundred satellite parts to repair the broken satellite.

Once a minimum of six hundred parts are collected, the satellite will be able to signal Submolok's home planet, input by pressing E, I, X, and M. When this is done, it will shoot a beam of light upwards and the ending will commence. The satellite is able to translate the alien language used by the Cuboids, which also includes translating the menu and introduction.


Other appearances

  • Bad Iceberg - A smaller version of the communications satellite appears on a battleship.

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