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Combined nanobot
Combined Nanobot
Attacks Firing pink nanobot bullets
Shooting out yellow nanobot bombs
green nanobot orbs
Level 7: Boss level
Health Yellow Side: N/A (there is no yellow mutators in level)
Green Side: 1 blow of orbs
Pink Side: 200+ blows of pink bullets
Game(s) Nanobots

The combined nanobot is the final & only boss of Nanobots; it contains the three weapons of the three enemy nanobot teams.


The combined nanobot has a circular body, a third of the outside being yellow, green, and pink. In the middle of its body is a grey jelly like object, which connected to the middle are three cords, a coloured eye (either pink, yellow, or green) on each end. Rotating around the combined nanobot are three orbs.

Game information

The combined nanobot appears as the boss of the game, appearing in level seven (the eighth level of the game).


The sides of the combined nanobot will move in the direction the player moves. Out of the pink side of the nanobot comes out pink bullets. Out of the yellow side comes bombs. Nothing comes out of the green side since green orbs move around the nanobot.


At the start of the battle, a large number of basic pink nanobots and titan pink nanobots move towards the player. After they all are destroyed/leave the room, the combined nanobot is teleported onto the stage via a pink, green, and yellow wormhole.

Green nanobots will surround the combined nanobot, moving counter clockwise. The player has to hit the coloured side of the combined nanobot with the right coloured weapon. The easiest way to kill the combined nanobot is (if the player has full health) to equip the orb weapon, and rush into the the green side of the combined nanobot. The player is guaranteed to successfully kill the combined nanobot before dying.


The human piloted nanobot should stay in bullet form until the boss appears. Then the human piloted nanobot should immediately change into orb form and attack the boss. The human piloted nanobot shouldn't worry about being hit, as one direct hit from an orb will kill the boss. However, as the human piloted nanobot probably will have low health by the time it reaches the boss, the player should be careful in steering the human piloted nanobot in between the boss's rotating orbs. This is so that the human piloted nanobot will not lose any more health and potentially die or get knocked into another enemy.


There is a relatively well-known glitch where sometimes dying while fighting the combined nanobot will cause the game's ending to be shown and the game completed, even if the boss is still alive.


  • It is stated that the combined nanobot is actually male when the narrator says "The boss is preparing his attack! Get ready!". (His has been bolded for emphasis.)

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