This article is about fireballs from Knuckleheads. For fireballs from other games, please see Fireballs.

Coloured fireballs
Attack Hurt the opposite colored angry head
Damage One heart, if hit with wrong coloured angry head
Game(s) Knuckleheads
Coloured fireballs are hazards in the game Knuckleheads.


Coloured fireballs appear as a green or pink circular face with eyes and a mouth, and with fire around the face.

Game information

Coloured fireballs are the first variation of fireball introduced in the game. They are spawned out of indestructible pipes, and will not harm an angry head the same colour as them, but will harm the opposite colour. They are spawned in vertical lines making it difficult to pass them, as the player has to wait for a gap to get the opposite coloured angry head across.

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