Colour changing demons
Health 3 hits
Game(s) Twin Shot 2

Colour changing demons are enemies in the game Twin Shot 2. They only appear in the Evil levels.


Colour changing demons are slightly taller than the angels. They each have two arms and two legs. Each arm has a hand with four fingers. On the head there are two small black eyes and two white horns that are slightly curled. The mouth has a couple of big teeth in it. There are two golden triangular blades on each shoulder, both stacked on each other. Their skin colour can either be blue, red or purple, which is determined by how much health they start out with.

Game information

Colour changing demons first appear on evil level 39 of the game Twin Shot 2. When the player attacks them, they will change colour and become faster. They change colour every time they are hit with an arrow. Their original colour is blue, and then change into purple and then red. However, they can be killed in one hit by using love arrows.


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