This article is about coins from ChangeType(). For coins from other games, please see Coins.

ChangeType gem
Ability Grants points, disappears on contact with the player
Game(s) ChangeType()

Coins[1] are interactive objects, as well as pick ups in the game ChangeType()


Coins are octagon shaped and light purple. The coin shines as it rotates on the spot.

Game Information

Coins are collectable objects in changeType(). Their property is to disappear on contact and grant the player points. Thus, swapping coins with another object causes all of the other object to disappear on contact with the player and grant points.

When the player quickly collects multiple coins, a multiplier appears which indicates the player gets more points. The multipliers are x2, x3, x4 and x5. If the player does not collect coins after a few seconds, the multiplier disappears, and it becomes an invisible x1.

Since any block can be changed into coins, including the flagpole, it is possible for the player to pick up all blocks in the level and make the level impossible to complete.


  1. Nitrome - All Games page: changeType(): Swap all spikes with blocks or springs with coins.

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