PP coin
Ability Allows the player to unlock new characters and their upgrades seperately or to revive after death
Game(s) Platform Panic
Coins are pick ups in the game Platform Panic.


Coins are in the shape of a hexagon. The inner part of the coin is orange, while the outer part is a lighter shade of orange than the inner part. A side of the coin is white.

Game information

Coins can be found in every room excluding the first room the player starts in. They can be used to buy or unlock new characters or to revive after death. In the mobile version of the game, coins can be purchased with real-life money via in-app purchases.

Rosy Cheeks Boy, when upgraded, gives the player a random chance to enter a "bonus stage" full of coins in the room. Blue Rodent, when upgraded, can attract coins to the player.

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