This article is about coins from Colourblind. For coins from other games, please see Coins.

ColourblindCoin animated
Ability Grant points; can be used to get Awesume Glasses
Game(s) Colourblind

Coins are pick ups in the game Colourblind.


Coins are circular and can be red, grey, yellow, green, purple and blue. The borders of the coins have lighter colours than the middle, and there is a small eye with a coloured pupil in the middle of the coin. The pupil's colour is similar to the colour of the coin, but it is lighter.

Game information

To get a coin the player must touch them when they are solid. All the coins except the grey coin are not visible at the start of a level and the player cannot get them. When the player touches a totem or a coloured paintbrush, the coins that have that colour will become visible. If the player dies, the coins will become invisible and the player must touch another time the proper totem. If the player gets all the coins in the game, they can get the Awesume Glasses at the shop.


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