This article is about coins from Calamari. For coins from other games, please see Coins.

Calamari Coin
Ability Granting player points
Game(s) Calamari

Coins are pick ups in the game Calamari. The main objective of the game is to score the highest score possible by collecting as many possible the coins.


Coins in Calamari are a square shape with curved edges, and have a circle in the middle of them that sticks out more than the rest of the coin. They are coloured completely golden, and are always spinning clockwise.

Game information

During the game, coins are seen in every wave. They can be collected by touching them, and give five points each. They are given by different types of blocks. Coins can be dropped, or floating in boxes. If dropped, they will disappear after a few seconds upon landing


Several different types of blocks drop coins. These blocks include:

Coin holding blocks

Coin holding blocks have a transparent, possibly glass background with a single, spinning coin in each of them. They are usually encountered in groups of two to five, but can sometimes be seen in extra large chains of more than twenty.

Golden eggs

Golden eggs are rare and only come up every once in a while. When the player shoots an egg at it, it releases a lot of coins.

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