This article is about coins from Blast RPG. For coins from other games, please see Coins.

Coin blast rpg
Ability Giving the boy knight five gold
Game(s) Blast RPG

Coins are pick ups in the game Blast RPG.


Coins appears gold and circular, with a Roman numeral "I" on the middle portion. The coins seem to be old British pre-decimal coins because of their size. When they spin, they appear to be thick coins. When picked up by the boy knight, they glow and disappear just like the other pick-ups.

Game information

When obtained, a coin gives five gold to the boy knight to spend in the shop. Coins are not very large, and usually appear in groups, usually next to enemies, gems or chests. They are always floating in the air, and usually appear more often higher in the air. Coins are essential for whenever the player wants to purchase items from the shop that they find valuable to them them through the game.

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