This article is about coffins from Turn-Undead. For coffins from Powerup, please see Coffin blocks.

Ability Spawning vampires
Game(s) Turn-Undead
Coffins are interactive objects in the game Turn-Undead.


Coffins are shaped like a hexagon with the lower slanted sides of the hexagon being almost three times the size of the other sides. The coffin is dark brown with a gold cross placed near the top of the coffin.

Game information

Coffins first appear in level ten of Turn-Undead and occasionally appear near vampires. When a coffin is touched by the vampire hunter, the door of the coffin will open and a vampire will come out. Because of the order of events, a vampire will always be one space behind the player, if they move to an unoccupied space, or below them, if the player jumps upward. Coffins are often found near high platforms that the player can only reach by either standing on top of a vampires head or spawning multiple vampires so that they stand on top of each other.

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